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Corner sofa "NANSI"

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       Incredible comfort, removable covers, classic design and last but not least - a sleeping mechanism and a storage space. This all makes the corner sofa "NANSI" a demanded and preferred piece of furniture in every home. Combining of one-colour fabrics and floral patterns brings in finesse, and creates a relaxing atmosphere at the end of the working day.

       The corner sofa "NANSI" is available both as right-hand facing or left-hand facing, and in a wide range of fabric colours and patterns. If you are in need of more seats, you may complement it with a sofa "NANSI" or a chair "NANSI".

                              Quality is guaranteed by "RUDI-AN" - furniture worthy of you!



Corner type left or right-hand facing corner
Sleeping comfort suitable for everyday use
Size changes not possible
Dismountable not dismountable
Removable covers fully removable
Frame pinewood
Foam seat HR32
armrests N30
outer covering N20
Wadding seat 100g
frame 100g
cushions 100g
Base zig-zag springs
Cushions ball fiber
Upholstery back upholstered
cushions upholstered
seat upholstered
sleeping area mattress ticking
the back of the sofa upholstered
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