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Corner sofa "ARAMIS"

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      One can estimate the merits of the corner sofa "ARAMIS" only by having a seat. Extremely soft, with ergonomic design thanks to the three-chambered backrest cushions /the lower foam cushion supports your back in a unique way; the upper cushion is filled with ball fiber/ zig zag springs and two types of high-resilience foam (13 cm) make the seat. The back cushions feature a zip and removable covers. One easily works with the frame, converting the sofa into a big bed. There is a storage space spacious enough to store the clothes of one person.

The corner sofa "ARAMIS" is desired and demanded by those who seek a change in their home. This is a top piece of furniture.

                                Quality is guaranteed by "RUDI-AN" - furniture worthy of you!

Sleeping comfort suitable for everyday use
Size changes possible, with some limits and upon request
Dismountable partly dismountable
Removable covers back
Frame pinewood
Foam seat HR32
seat HR35
armrests N30
outer covering N20
Wadding seat 200g
frame 100g
cushions 200g
Base zig-zag springs
Cushions ball fiber
Upholstery back upholstered
cushions upholstered
cushions removable covers
seat upholstered
sleeping area upholstered
the back of the sofa upholstered
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