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Corner sofa "CENTAUR"

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                                             Modern, functional, luxurious.

       The corner sofa „CENTAUR“ is one of our latest furniture concepts. If you love unusual, yet extremely comfortable furniture, this corner sofa is for you. Its slightly rounded forms make it suitable for any interior and create a genuine coziness.
       The „CENTAUR“ is extremely easy to triple its size making your lounge or sleep much more comfortable. The large sleeping surface makes it suitable both for guests and for everyday use.
       Take this corner sofa in your living room and you will not regret it!

       Quality is guaranteed by "RUDI-AN" - furniture worthy of you!

Corner type left or right-hand facing corner
Sleeping comfort suitable for everyday use
Size changes possible, with some limits and upon request
Dismountable partly dismountable
Frame pinewood
Foam seat HR30
seat HR35
armrests N25
outer covering N20
Wadding seat 100g
frame 100g
cushions 200g
cushions 350g
cushions 500g
Base zig-zag springs
Cushions foam cut to shape
Upholstery back upholstered
cushions upholstered
seat upholstered
sleeping area mattress ticking
the back of the sofa upholstered
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