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Corner sofa "VIVA"

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           Unique elegance, incredible comfort, soft forms and contemporary design.

      This is the corner sofa "VIVA". Open your home for it and in return it will  make your evenings peaceful and cosy, while relaxing in front of the TV with a drink or having a conversation with your close ones.

      The item features beechwood frame with elegant sofa legs (10 cm), which makes it possible to vacuum clean beneath without moving furniture. Moreover, you can choose between  a sofa with and without a folding mechanism. The sleeping mechanism is Italian, the mattress thickness is 12 cm. One can quickly and easily convert it into a relaxing place.

       To avoid the situations "Oh, dear, we're having guests - where are we going to find a place for them!!!" take advantage of the sofa "VIVA" and the chair "VIVA", designed to complement the corner sofa "VIVA". Eventually, when your guests come in and say "WOA!", you will assure yourself, with a smile on your face, of the good choice you have made - the modern corner sofa "VIVA".

                      Quality is guaranteed by "RUDI-AN" - furniture worthy of you!

Corner type left or right-hand facing corner
Sleeping comfort a sleeping mechanism is not available
Size changes possible, with some limits and upon request
Dismountable partly dismountable
Removable covers seat
Frame pinewood
Foam seat HR32
seat HR35
armrests N30
outer covering N20
Wadding seat 350g
frame 100g
cushions 350g
Base zig-zag springs
unwoven fabric 130g
Cushions ball fiber
Upholstery all parts upholstered
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