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Corner sofa "NEW ALICE"

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     Minimalist and elegant design, functionality and comfort - all that in one piece of furniture.

     The corner sofa "NEW ALICE" features an up-to-date sleeping mechanism that provides the comfort of a regular mattress and it is suitable for everyday use. A true bed and a sofa in one. The seat is made of foam 10 cm in thickness, its density is 30. The back cushions are made of high-resilience foam and the covers are removable. The item features a big storage space. The L-curved elegant armrests contribute not only to a less conventional vision, but also add to your comfort when leaning on them.

     The size of the corner sofa "NEW ALICE" is reduced, making this item easy to accommodate in your home.

            Quality is guaranteed by "RUDI-AN" - furniture worthy of you!

Corner type left or right-hand facing corner
Sleeping comfort suitable for everyday use
Size changes possible, with some limits and upon request
Dismountable partly dismountable
Removable covers back
Frame pinewood
Foam seat N30
armrests N30
outer covering N20
Wadding seat 100g
frame 100g
cushions 100g
Base solid
unwoven fabric 130g
Cushions foam cut to shape
Upholstery back upholstered
cushions upholstered
seat upholstered
sleeping area upholstered
the back of the sofa upholstered
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